WK2: Declutter Your Kitchen Items

This week we are going to focus on decluttering your Kitchen!

This means it’s time to sort through your:

  • Plates/Dishes
  • Cups/Glasses
  • Silverware/Utensils
  • Cookware
  • Cooking Gadgets
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Storage Containers

Before you begin, let’s set an intention for this aspect of your home:

  • Do you want to create more room to cook?
  • Do you want a space that makes you feel inspired to cook more often?
  • Do you want to be able to find what you need easier/quicker?
  • Do you want to take the first step towards creating a kitchen that nurtures and supports a whole food, healthy lifestyle?

Remember, your intention for this aspect of the de-cluttering challenge will help you stay on track and be more likely to succeed in creating a space that nurtures and inspires your true potential.

Choose your method:

Now you can try this a couple different ways…

  1. You can take baby steps by doing one drawer or cupboard at a time.
  2. Or you can use the Konmari method of taking EVERYTHING out of your drawers and cupboards, placing it in one single location, and sorting through each individual item, one at a time.

The first method creates less chaos and may be good if you’re short on time…but it does make it harder to stay on task. It’s too easy to stop at one or two drawers and forget about the rest.

The second method will turn your kitchen upside down—creating more chaos—but it’s only temporary, as it encourages you to go through your things in one major overhaul!

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s important to establish the criteria for what you are keeping, and what you’ll do with the rest!!

Questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether or not you should keep something:

  1. Does it bring me joy? If not, say farewell!
  2. Do I use it regularly? If not, say goodbye!
  3. Do I need a new one, but can’t afford to replace it at the moment? (Keep it for now, but make a list of what you want to replace, and toss the old one as soon as you bring the new one in the door!)

Additional criteria I use when choosing whether or not to keep a kitchen item:

  1. If it’s broken, it goes!
  2. If I have duplicates, I keep one and the other goes!
  3. If it was a gift or inherited, but I don’t like it…it goes!
  4. If it makes me feel guilty for having invested the money, but not used it…bye bye!
  5. If it’s made of a toxic material (Teflon pans, plastic containers, plastic utensils)…farewell!

Now, what to do with the items you are not keeping?? 

  1. Recycle them if possible.
  2. Donate them to goodwill.
  3. Sell them (if it’s worth the time and effort!)
  4. Give them to someone else (ONLY IF THEY NEED IT!! We don’t want to burden someone else with more clutter)
  5. Throw them away.

The key is to move the stuff you’re not keeping QUICKLY!!

Do not create a pile of stuff that you are going to get to someday. Whatever you decide to do with it, it needs to happen by the end of this week! Otherwise you risk a new pile of clutter that will collect more dust and be another burden to deal with later.

For everything else you are keeping…clean up the dust and dirt in your drawers and put it away. Yes, that’s all I want you to do for now. Do not risk getting caught up in finding new storage systems, as this will take time and energy away form accomplishing next week’s challenge J Good luck!! And don’t forget to share your progress, ask questions, or request support in the Facebook group when you need it! If you’d like to get in touch with me privately, email me at darcey@thecompassionatehome.com .

I can’t wait to hear about your results!!

~ Darcey