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Did you know there’s a very real possibility your home environment could be negatively impacting your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing–that it could be compromising the quality of your relationships and interfering with your ability to meet your personal and professional goals?

The Compassionate Home Quiz is the quickest way to determine how well your home currently supports your health, happiness, and wellbeing!

The purpose of this quiz is to help you step into awareness, see your surroundings with a new perspective, and begin moving towards the solutions that will help you create a home environment that can meet your most inherent needs.

By the time you finish this short quiz of 14 questions, you’ll begin to understand just how much your home currently impacts your potential for success:

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How do you feel when you approach your front door after a long, difficult day?

How often are you tired, irritable, and/or grouchy when you wake up?

Does your kitchen table offer enough space for family meals + do you regularly use it?

Is there a peaceful place in your home where you can relax without constant noise and/or interruptions?

Does your bedroom inspire love and romance?

How often do you need to clear/clean your kitchen before you can prepare a meal?

How often are you late because you can't find your wallet, keys, shoes, etc?

If I were to take a quick peek in your pantry or fridge, I'd find:

I vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms, and launder bed sheets:

I can think of _____ things that need to be fixed right now that I just haven't had time to get to.

My walls are:

I have allergies/respiratory infections/colds/a sore throat:

My living room has enough COMFORTABLE seating for family + guests:

Do you feel your home reflects who you are and supports who you want to become?