Moments of Being Photography Sessions

One of the best ways to be mindful of the moments that truly matter is to capture them on film!

I’ve taken my background in photography and created a unique experience designed to capture your Moments of Being.

What are Moments of Being?

These are the moments when you feel connected to the world around you in a present, mindful, magical way. They happen when you experience that feeling of gratitude and peace as you witness your child dancing in the rain, or in the way you feel content and at ease as you notice the sunlight filtering through the window on a lazy summer day.

They are the moments when we are simply living, uninhibited, fully feeling, and expressing our unique identities.

It’s my goal to help you capture the ever fleeting expressions of your growing children, the beauty of your favorite time and place, and the moments that make you feel alive as a way to create meaningful art worthy of your walls.

You see, no Compassionate Home Renovation is complete without artwork that reminds you of what makes life worth living!

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Moments of Being Photography Session