What is a Compassionate Home?


What is a Compassionate Home?

In its simplest form, a Compassionate Home is a positive environment that is forgiving, supportive, and nurturing. It has the ability to heal all manner of wounds afflicted to the mind, body, and soul. It strengthens family relationships, and it provides the nourishment needed to foster resilience and personal growth.

But what does that mean?

What does a Compassionate Home look like?

What does it feel like?

What do you hear when you are in one?

Take a moment to think about this and write down your answers. It will vary for nearly every person, but the goal is the same—to create a haven that supports the personal evolution of your soul.

This is what a Compassionate Home is to me:

My Compassionate Home is the place I retreat to when the world has worn me down, when I need rest—when I need time to breathe and room to grow.

It offers the comfort of soft blankets, inviting pillows, and sunlight filtering in gently through the windows.

It’s where the kitchen table can stage an intimate conversation with my husband over coffee at breakfast, then become the catalyst that launches my greatest creative endeavor as I sit and type this description—then once more it transforms into a banquet that facilitates hours of entertainment with extended family and friends.

It’s where laughter and tears run wild, but are caught by loving arms and smiles.

It’s where I can dance, paint, and dream uninhibited—where I am able to explore the depths of who I am and what I desire most in this world.

It’s where my children have room to grow with stable boundaries, green grass to roam, furry animals as friends, and personal space to explore their own identity—without fear of disapproval or unrealistic expectations.

It’s where there is always a cozy nook available to read a good book, where the earth provides a patch to plant a prosperous garden to nourish my family, and the rooms expand to fit my family’s diverse needs.

It’s even the place where my favorite Spotify channel flows through the portable Bluetooth speaker, where my office runs my home-based business efficiently, and the lunchroom always has a plant-based vegan meal available.

Most importantly, though, it’s where I’m surrounded by the best memories of my life. It’s where I’m reminded of why I’m here—of why I want to be here. And, it’s where I wake up everyday with hope, gratitude, and excitement for the possibilities ahead.

That’s my definition of a Compassionate Home—what’s yours?

Darcey Rojas is the founder of The Compassionate Home. She is a Holistic Designer, Certified Design Psychology Coach, and Green Design Center Trade Partner dedicated to creating positive home environments that heal mind, body, and soul, strengthen family relationships, and nurture our true potential. Her approach to conscious home and lifestyle design involves designing spaces that meet our needs, encourage good habits, bring us closer to our loved ones, and support our health and wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

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