Is Your Home Sabotaging Your Success?

Is your home sabotaging your success?

You might think that sounds a little dramatic, but there’s a very real possibility that your home could be contributing to your inability to form quality relationships, meet your personal and professional goals, and build a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Take a moment to think about how long you’ve been struggling unsuccessfully to:

  • Lose weight
  • Change your habits
  • Maintain satisfying personal relationships
  • Find the right job
  • Defeat depression
  • Heal from trauma
  • And figure out what makes life meaningful…

Despite all your best efforts, if you haven’t really addressed the state of your living environment, you could be subconsciously repeating old patterns that will deplete your energy, distract you from your goals, and sabotage your success.

First of all, let me take a moment to remind you that where you are right now is perfectly okay (unless you are in immediate danger, of course, then please–I strongly advise you to seek help).

Even if things are difficult, uncertain, or stressful–you are where you need to be at this point in time. While those types of feelings may be unpleasant, they are significant indicators of which direction to move towards next.

Your soul is trying to send you a message in the only language it knows–the language of feelings and emotions. This is a message that says you aren’t aligned with your authentic truth. Sometimes it’s hard to hear, though–and even if you do, it’s often hard to figure out what to do differently to promote positive growth and change.

Rest assured, I’m here to help you figure out that seemingly complicated compass and define the viable choices available to you. 

This is where my new resource website and transformational program, The Compassionate Home, comes into play as we work together to redefine the meaning of home and build a support system that will facilitate the evolution of your soul.

As our society moves towards enlightenment and global consciousness, we need to collectively unravel the burdens of our past, awaken to our true purpose, and build a stronger, more compassionate future for our children. Throughout this process, it’s VITAL that we build the support system we need to nurture ourselves and our families on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. This support system begins with you and the place you call “home”.

This journey requires courage, patience, awareness, and vast amounts of energy. It requires a new level of self-care and self-love that may be uncomfortable at first if you are used to being a person who GIVES to others, but rarely allows yourself to receive.

My hope is that by learning the principles, theory, and actions that comprise the concept of The Compassionate Home, you will have a new lens with which to view the world and your place within it–and I’m certain you will be closer than you could ever have imagined to finding the happiness, joy, and contentment you seek.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

With love and light,

~ Darcey

Darcey Rojas is the founder of The Compassionate Home. She is a Holistic Designer, Certified Design Psychology Coach, and Green Design Center Trade Partner dedicated to creating positive home environments that heal mind, body, and soul, strengthen family relationships, and nurture our true potential. Her approach to conscious home and lifestyle design involves designing spaces that meet our needs, encourage good habits, bring us closer to our loved ones, and support our health and wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

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