Ditch Toxic Dryer Sheets: 7 Benefits of Organic Wool Dryer Balls

When I first began my quest to create a toxin free, healthier home for myself and my family–the safety of our laundry products was one of the first things I questioned. As someone who suffers from multiple chemical sensitivities, I’ve known for years that I can’t tolerate certain detergents or softeners (I break out in an itchy rash or immediately trigger a headache with one sniff of those scented dryer sheets.)

Intuitively I knew these products weren’t safe for my health or the health of my family. Here is just a sample of the research available that has validated what my body intuitively knew:

And the list goes on.. (although the article on Mercola.com is quite comprehensive!!)

As you can see, once you begin researching the actual toxicity of these products, it doesn’t take long to figure out that conventional detergents and scented dryer sheets are filled with chemicals that compromise your immune system, aggravate allergies, and promote disease.

What about “All Natural” and “Green” alternatives? Beware of GREENWASHING!

This is the first question I had, thinking that anything labeled green or all natural must be a better choice. What I found out the hard way was that many companies partake in “greenwashing”. This happens when they list only the chemicals they are required to list on the labeling via the FDA and other governing parties. Unfortunately there are many chemicals they are still allowed to use in the manufacturing process that they aren’t require to dispose to the consumer.

Enter the beauty of the Organic Wool Dryer Ball as an excellent solution to your fabric softening, non-toxic dryer sheet needs!! (We’ll talk more about Natural Detergents another time!)


The Benefits of Using Organic Wool Dryer Balls:

1. Your family will be healthier!

Organic wool dryer balls are made from 100% organic wool, free of any pesticides or chemicals. This means there are no toxic chemicals used to coat your clothing in the latest “fresh” smell that lingers for hours, and or days–coating your skin with carcinogens. They are hypoallergenic–which is great for anyone suffering from sensitive skin, eczema, asthma, or allergies.

2. You’ll save time and energy!

When using 4-6 wool dryer balls at a time, you will decrease the amount of time it takes to dry your wet laundry by 30-50%! Each ball helps to create space between your clothes so the warm air of your dryer can circulate deep inside the load to dry everything more thoroughly and efficiently, thereby saving precious electrical energy in the process!

3. You’ll save MONEY!

Wool dryer balls can be used over and over and over again–typically for 1500+ washes, which means you no longer need to throw away $8+ per box of scented dryer sheets. And, since your dry time is cut in half–you’ll save money on your energy bill, too!

4. You’ll soften your laundry and reduce wrinkles!

While I’m a proponent of line drying clothes whenever possible, I’ve found that when I don’t use anything to assist with drying, my clothes often come out rough and scratchy. As the wool dryer balls gently tumble through your clothing they naturally soften your clothes and reduce wrinkles in the process! I’ve found this to be true with towels, especially!!

5. You’ll decrease static cling!

No one is a fan of static–especially during dry cold winter months. Before purchasing my dryer balls–I tried going without any products whatsoever. Needless to say my daughter was not a fan!! Everytime she put a sweatshirt on over her head her hair would stand on end and we’d walk around the house shocking each other! Wool dryer balls naturally reduce the static cling of your clothing!

6. You will be kinder to the planet.

This is a given–you’re throwing less garbage away, lessening the amount of chemicals being sent into the atmosphere from your dryer vent, and reducing the amount of energy your home uses!

7. You might get more help doing laundry 🙂

Kids LOVE these things! My daughter enjoys finding the balls after we empty the dryer and fold clothes. Once she’s found them all she practices her free throw shots as she aims for dryer opening–keeping score with how many “baskets” she makes! FYI–if you’re dog loves tennis balls, he may get a bit confused and thinks these are for him, too! 🙂

Where to Buy Organic Wool Dryer Balls:


Miss that clean laundry smell?

Add a few drops of essential oils to your dryer balls!

Essential Oils

Just a few drops added to each ball of your favorite essential oil (like Lavender, Orange, or Lemon) will add a subtle fragrance to your laundry load after load! Simply add a bit more between loads when you notice the smell starting to fade.

NOW 100% Pure Orange Essential Oil on Amazon.com

NOW 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil on Amazon.com

NOW 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil on Amazon.com

**Please note any purchase made via one of the links above helps support The Compassionate Home website and my ability to keep writing these informative articles 🙂

Interested in making your own Wool Dryer Balls?

Check out the Mother Earth Living tutorial below!

Update Info: this article was originally published in May 2015. Since then, it has come to my attention that the Heartfelt Wool Dryer Balls I previously recommended are no longer being advertised as organic. I have edited this article to include new product links and have removed any non-working links. The remainder of the article has remained the same, and FYI, I still use dryer balls to this day! The original ones I purchased to review here have lasted for several years!

Disclaimer: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness.

Darcey Rojas is the founder of The Compassionate Home. She is a Holistic Designer, Certified Design Psychology Coach, and Green Design Center Trade Partner dedicated to creating positive home environments that heal mind, body, and soul, strengthen family relationships, and nurture our true potential. Her approach to conscious home and lifestyle design involves designing spaces that meet our needs, encourage good habits, bring us closer to our loved ones, and support our health and wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.


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    What do you do with them when they are past their prime? Mine are now leaving lint on everything, and I’m looking for a way to recycle them.

    • Reply June 14, 2017

      Darcey Rojas

      At our house we mostly use them to play catch with the kids or fetch with the dog!

      You could also use them in making handmade rag dolls, to practice juggling, or add some essential oils and they become a deodorizer for other areas of your home.

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