4 Non-toxic Cleaning Solutions

After learning about The Hazards of Conventional Cleaning Products you are now aware that most conventional cleaning products are pretty toxic and extremely dangerous to your health! It’s time we explore some healthier solutions 🙂

Here are 4 non-toxic, healthier recommendations for greening up your clean up: 

1. Make Your Own Healthy Cleaning Solutions

DIY Cleaning Solutions


There are hundreds of natural cleaning solution recipes scattered across the internet. I’ve seen people use diluted vinegar to clean nearly every surface of their home. Lemon and baking soda always pop up, too. I’ve even made my own carpet deodorizer using 1 cup of baking soda mixed with 18 drops of essential oil. You simply mix this together, sprinkle on your carpet, and vacuum it up after 10 minutes or so.

Because there are so many different options, trying to find just the right recipe can get overwhelming! Here are just a few of my favorite resources:

Would you rather have one single go-to reference for natural cleaning recipes? Me too. While I love scouring the internet for that perfect recipe, sometimes it’s just easier to have it all in one book. That’s why I fell in love with Becky Rapinchuk’s website www.cleanmama.net and her book The Organically Clean Home!

You can purchase her book via Amazon.com:

Not a fan of DIY natural cleaning recipes?? No problem. I gotcha covered.

I don’t always have the time to look for that perfect recipe whether it’s on the net or in a book. I also find it frustrating sometimes that I need to have several ingredients and a different solution for every cleaning need!

When that became the case, the two resources below quickly became my go to, life-saving, natural clean-up solution for easy to implement cleaning!

2. Branch Basics 100% Pure Cleaning Soap

I am in LOVE with this company, their product, their customer service, their shipping, their blog…okay. I’ll stop there. You can read more about their product in my review:



What’s so great about their product is that there is ONE single concentrate for all of their cleaning solutions. All you do is fill their bottles to the required “water” line, add the concentrate to the “soap” line, and voila…you have a streak-free window cleaner, a potent (yet not toxic) bathroom cleaner, and a simple all-purpose spray. They even have a bottle specifically for creating a foaming hand-soap. The only other thing you would ever add is one of their wildcrafted essential oils if you prefer to have a naturally scented product.

I’ve been using Branch Basics for awhile now in my laundry, to remove stains (YES it completely removed cherry juice from my daughters white dress!!), and as a general all-purpose cleaner.

Interested in trying it out? Click on the image below to get 25% off a starter kit:




However, there is one application that I prefer to use a different product for–let’s take a moment to talk about mold and mildew. Enter the incredibly awesome Thieves oil…

3. Young Living Thieves Essential Oil




I came across Thieves oil when I was researching a healthier way to remediate a mold issue in my basement. A couple of summer’s ago, we had TWO floods. While that was cleaned up quickly and dried out by ServPro, the humidity this year took it’s toll on our storage rooms. Humidity plus the lack of proper ventilation caused mold to grow in those areas. While it’s not super bad, nor does it appear to be that nasty black mold, I still felt it was necessary to get rid of it ASAP.

That’s when I discovered Thieves and Nature’s Mold RX!

After reading Jacquelyn A Close’s guidelines for using Thieves for mold remediation (which I highly recommend) I signed up as a Young Living member and purchased their Thieves starter kit, along with a couple of TheraPro diffusers.

For more information on the benefits of using pure therapeutic grade Thieves essential oil download this PDF.

For our purposes, we ran the diffusers downstairs for 32 hours non-stop using the pure Thieves oil in each affected storage room. I’m excited to say it got rid of the musty odor and gave me the peace of mind to continue cleaning up our situation ourselves. (NOTE: If you have a mold issue, please seek professional advice prior to determining whether or not it is safe to clean up yourself–as I am not a mold remediation specialist and do not recommend that what worked for me will necessarily work for you!).

When my Thieves starter kit arrived, I realized how versatile it is, too! But let me warn you, if you don’t like the smell of cinnamon and cloves this may not be the product for you. I happen to enjoy it quite a bit, as did my family.

The starter kit included a foaming hand soap, concentrated cleaner, a toothpaste, mouthwash, a hand sanitizer, and much more!

Check out many of the Thieves essential oil uses in the graphic below (along with some uses for the Young Living Lemon and Pine pure essential oil):


YL Thieves



Interested in purchasing Young Living oils?

Visit my independent distributor website for more info!


And, finally here is my final non-toxic cleaning solution recommendation that I personally use:

4. AFM SafeChoice Super Clean Multi-purpose Cleaner

Like many of the options for a healthier clean I mentioned above, AFM SafeChoice is also a highly concentrated cleaner that can be diluted for a number of uses. It is completely non-toxic, zero VOC, and has a low odor. From the makers of AFM Safecoat Paint, this is one of the best cleaning products to use for the chemically sensitive!



SafeChoice Super Clean is recommended for all of the following: stainless steel, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic tile, chrome, painted surfaces, wallpaper, wood, vinyl, steel, grout, concrete, fabric, plastic, or any other hard non-porous surface. **Not recommended for aluminum.

SafeChoice Super Clean is odorless, non-offensive to users and occupants of the home–it contains no butyl ethers, ammonia, or chlorine. It’s dye-free and contains absolutely no unnecessary additives. It even helps absorb and eliminate odors from tobacco, animals, smoke, and soot damage.

For Routine Home and Office Cleaning, just dilute the solution 20:1 spray on, agitate as necessary, and wipe clean.

For Indoor/Outdoor Cleaning dilute 7:1 then spray, sponge, or mop directly on surface. Agitate as necessary and rinse with clean water.

For Heavy Duty Cleaning Jobs dilute 1:1 then spray, sponge, or mop directly on surface, allow time to penetrate, agitate as necessary, and rinse with clean water.

Interested in purchasing AFM SafeChoice? You can find it in the Green Design Center shop!

Happy Cleaning!!

~ Darcey

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